The Challenge

How to Grow E-Learning Business and Kill Competition?

‍Hamromaster is an E-Learning Platform but a lot of E-Learning Platforms Pop up in Nepal so it was struggling to get Students and users on site.

The main problem was the Awareness issue on Students and We have to do a lot of tasks to Solve this.

The Solution

Digital Campaign & Awareness

We worked a lot on their social media handles. we made engaging content and yeah we focused on main keywords that can bring students on-site, and worked on SEO

We made another Subdomain for Notes which can bring students on-site organically and we ran some Paid campaigns to generate awareness.

The Result

High Users in Short Time

Currently,, the site has 1K + Visitors per day and its improving day by day. The engagement rate is also increasing day by day.

The result: High Audience at Low Time